Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Bon Chon Chicken, Ayala Triangle

What New York Times thinks of Bon Chon Chicken.

Amidst the chaos that December brings, I finally found time to squeeze in my visit to the Ayala Triangle Gardens. There are the usual restaurants that people visit. And there were a few that caught my attention such as Kanin Club, Bonchon Chicken, Wee Nam Kee, and Bfast.

Among all of them, Bonchon chicken was the one that appealed to me the most cause of it's popularity in the United States. I just had to have some. I don't want to be the one missing out on the BIG thing since it was right in front of me already.

The place was PACKED, well mostly with business people. I fell in line, it felt like forever. As I waited for my order, my stomach continually grumbled. I could smell all the amazing aromas coming out of the kitchen. I just wanted the chicken more so much MORE.

Possibly the most tasty chicken drumsticks I've ever had.
Even though they are famous for their wings, I chose the drumsticks instead cause they have more meat, OH DUH. When I saw them, they were steaming and fragrant. I can't tell you how magnificent these drumsticks smelled. I ordered the soy garlic ones and boy did they give a whole damn new definition to the words SOY & GARLIC. Yes, it was that good. I usually don't eat the chicken skin but this time, I couldn't resist. I just had to have the juicy succulent sauce-laden skin. It was crisp and flavorful. The chicken was tender and succulent.

I heard the Philippines has an answer to Bon Chon Chicken, and it's called Chicken Charlie. That, I must try out real soon.

Bon Chon Chicken
Ayala Triangle Gardens
Paseo de Roxas
Makati City

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