Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Fundamentals in Culinary Arts- Day 1, ISCAHM

I discovered my love for cooking when I was around eleven or twelve. It started with cooking scrambled eggs, omelettes, and pasta. Over the years that passed, I just enjoyed cooking more and more. I'd start to delve into the more intimidating things. And recently, I had a really big love affair with baking and pastries- but more on that next time.

Some of the veggie cuts.

A few of the many potato cuts
So during my summer holiday, which I'm obviously spending in the Philippines, I decided to take a short course in the Fundamentals of Culinary Arts in ISCAHM. So on the first day we had, we learned about Food Safety and Sanitation. Yes, I will admit that it was boring I was on the verge of falling asleep. But after the first half of the 5 hour class, we were actually brought to the kitchen which is a good sign nonetheless. We learned 12 cuts for vegetables in general, and what's was more intimidating was the 18 astounding cuts for Pommes (Potatoes). It's even harder than it seems cause most of the name of the cuts are in French. All of these complex names were for the mise en place apparently it becomes easier cause it is a universal cooking language that proves to be very essential.

Chef Gerd Menge with the other students.
We watched our instructor, Chef Gerd Menge who skillfully demonstrated each and every one of these cuts slice all sorts of vegetables precisely. We even took a ruler out and measured his cuts. Precise to the last millimeter. Now that's what I call perfection.

When it came to my turn, I couldn't tell you how easy he made it seem. I had such a hard time. I couldn't even cut up perfect matchsticks. It was such a challenge. But with practice and a ceramic knife in hand, I think I'm gradually improving.

Did I mention Chef Gerd met Julia Child? So lucky.


  1. OMG. ISCAHM student here! Did you take a short course? I know this is like a super late comment. But I was browsing thru google for other picture reference of pommes and bumped into your post. WOW. Sad you haven't updated since 2014 :(

  2. Yes, it was a short course! We're planning to reboot and breathe fresh life into the blog! So definitely stay posted!


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