Friday, December 31, 2010

Degustation at The Goose Station Part 1


Let's end 2010 with a big bang. What better way to do it other than blogging about one of the biggest raves- THE GOOSE STATION by Chefs Rob and Sunshine Pengson.

Might I just add, I'm attempting the impossible to write this amazingly long blog especially after a 9 hour car ride. Anyway, let's get started.

some of the kitchen plus the dining area.
When I got to The Goose Station, it was empty, and pretty much for the entire duration of the meal, it was EMPTY. I know, it's pretty strange especially given the fact that people are really anxious-excited to try this place out! The waiters were formally dressed and the place kinda reminded me of a barn with the frills and thrills in this modern day.

First off, even if you order the degustation, you get some bread and butter. It was very much typical, no flares just yet!

olives remind me of lily and marshall.

1st course: SNACKS. Foie Cone, Potato Glass, Olive Tapenade Oreo, Savory Macaron

What followed was what they called the snack. It was started off with their famous foie gras cone which was filled with a silky smooth and ever so delicate foie. The potato glass, olive tapenade oreo, and the savory macaron followed. The potato glass was a perfect square of a thinly cut potato. You could literally see through this much like glass, duh. But there wasn't anything particularly special about it. The olive oreo was flavorful, much like the essence of olives with a swig of cream cheese. And my favorite was the macaron which had proscuitto inside and yet it had some sticky substance that held everything together. The contrast of the saltiness of the proscuitto and the sweetness of the macaron created the perfect mouthful.

with dry ice and some rocks to add to the effect.

see the layers?

2nd course: CAVIAR SURPRISE. Alaskan King Crab, White Asparagus Flan, Prawn Jelly

The prawn jelly had a certain smokiness and the asparagus flan was melt in your mouth smooth. I would definitely want to have more crab and apparently the caviar is beluga caviar? I just don't know. I'd describe this dish as a layered soup.


3rd course: FARMER'S EGG. 63 Egg, Air Dried Bacon, Mushroom and Gratin Pilaf, Cocido Broth

Egg was at 63 degrees, might I just say that I see no significance in this other than it oozed out slowly. Kinda amusing, but we had to wait to a fair bit for them to prepare the meal since they couldn't get the egg to the proper temperature without breaking apart. The pilaf which was puff wild rice was really crispy and nutty. Cocido is the ham hock broth, and I'd say it was heaven. I love it, the mere drinking of the broth was just truly packed with flavor that I can't even describe. The whole scene really reminded me of a farm with egg as its sun, pilaf as worms, and the other things as crops.

see what a big beauty this is?
4th course: BEET GARDEN. Beets, Goat's Cheese, Orange, Greens, Garden Garnish

Nature at it's BEST, most likely- MOST SCRUMPTIOUS. The component that I liked the most would be the beet film filled with goat's cheese. The film was really glossy and the goat's cheese was soft and the combo just oozed in your mouth. The walnut and gingerbread soil gave the needed much rough texture that the whole lacked. And the small squares of watermelon served as a palate cleanser in between elements on the plate. The microgreens and the small carrot were equally fresh and sweet. The last component was the compressed melon which was supposed to serve as the final palate cleanser. I didn't find it especially extravagant. Probably one of the most intricate dishes on the menu. I love the amount of detail and care taken in order to deliver this dish.

Well, as all the food is coming out of the kitchen at the moment, I might as well lend a hand downstairs to make this evening right. Watch out for the second half of the degustation tomorrow, hopefully!:) Hope you've all had a nice holiday!

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