Saturday, December 4, 2010

Burger Avenue; A.venue, Makati

I recently had a bazaar at A.Venue. I have a new product called PATOOTIES. Will blog about them separately, soon!

Bazaars always make me gain weight; there are zero exceptions (I pray that today will be the FIRST exception, as I intend to practice self-control). There's just so much food around you that it's difficult to resist (but today, I really, really, really will. Or so I say. Again). Anyway, one of the things I pigged out on at the A.Venue bazaar, Esprit de Noel, was the Ridiculous Burger from Burger Avenue.

Burger Avenue is a place where plenty of Lasallistas head when they're free. For the Ridiculous Burger. The thing about the aforementioned burger is that it comes with a challenge-- gobble it up in five minutes and you don't have to pay for it! Being me, I had zero intentions of attempting this, but my friend Bryan bought one later that day, and he managed to eat his burger in 3 minutes! When you beat the time, you  not only gallivant out of the restaurant without having to hand over money but you also get photographed and immortalized in one of several hardbound photo albums. It's like the Ridiculous Burger Hall of Fame. Of course, Chloe had to pore through them and point out to me all her friends. And I was like, "yeah, I'm interested to see which of your friends, all of whom I barely know, managed the challenge(not)." Heehee! I'm half-kidding, Chloe!

I think the more recent challenge winners are also posted on the bulletin board

Anyway, I ordered the Ridiculous Burger, but only because it had a lot of beef in it and I just adore my beef. It took quite some time to cook because they cook only upon order (so they said).

So here's what it looked like...

What have I got to say about it? I was rather disappointed. Rather is rather an understatement! Rather rather rather! Am I not just so annooooyeeeeeeng? :) 

Anyways, the patty really, really, really was not to my taste. I say this because I am being a tactful person. Let's just say it's not one of my favorite burgers. 

It was just too CHEWY, really. I suppose CHEWY is a good word for cookies and caramel, but for a burger patty? It felt like (and I am only assuming here,) the gristle of the beef was included in the grinder when they ground up the beef. As for the condiments and the bread, they were all okay, but nothing special. I'm so sorry, Mr. Ridiculous Burger, but I am not a fan. :(

To end on a happier note, I would like to include a picture from one of my favorite movies, Moulin Rouge! Chloe introduced me to it. We watched it in Sydney with HUMUNGOUS bowls of yogurt!

Ewan: All you need is love!
Nicole: A girl has got to eat!
Ewan: All you need is love!
Nicole: She'll end up on the street!
Ewan: All you need is looooooove!

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  1. we tried this before and it was ok naman! masarap :) the jr. avenue burger was filling enough, i liked their fries too.


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