Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Chocolate Room, CBD

I think you wouldn't disagree that The Chocolate Room is a rather catchy name. How bout the goodies though?

I have a chocoholic friend, and more often than not, she's the one I'm with whenever I visit a chocolate cafe or bar whatsoever. We had a lovely dinner and it was almost impossible to end the night without a sweet note. And of course, ever so predictably, chocolate was on our mind. Great minds think alike.

So far from all of the chocolate cafes that I've been to, this place had the largest range of hot chocolate- from gianduia to zabaione to meringue. Strange, but just equally as intriguing. But I wasn't feeling particularly adventurous that particular night, I went straight for Dark Chocolate.*

DARK Hot Chocolate? $5.95
For the connoisseur, a rich intensely flavored dark chocolate
which contains a richness only found in the finest quality of cocoa beans.
I beg to differ.  
Once our drinks reached the table. We noticed the cups were dopplegangers of the ones they have in Max Brenner. Drinks were hot and the mugs barely had enough insulation for us to cup the mugs in our hands. Now, that is what you call bad design.

Mint Hot Chocolate $5.95
A luxuriously rounded milk chocolate blended  
with the intense flavors of fresh mint.
My Dark Hot Chocolate was a bit of a bummer. It was frothy and too milky, but it definitely needed more chocolate. It was hot milk with a dash of chocolate. My friend had the Mint Hot Chocolate which was minty all right, just minty enough. It was good, but not over the moon good.

Waffle Wonder $8.50
Toasted Belgian waffles served with sliced
strawberries, classic hot chocolate sauce,
and ice cream.
We also shared a plate of Waffle Wonder. What a name. The waffles weren't fluffy, they were heavy and dense. And to make things a little worse, they weren't that buttery. It had a good crunch to it though, and paired with ice cream and a chocolate ganache, how much more sinful could you get?

Sadly to say, there wasn't much of a WOW factor at this place to lure me back for more. Guylian still owns me when it comes to hot chocolate, Lindt for cakes and pastries, lastly, Max Brenner for Belgian Waffles.

The Chocolate Room, Sydney CBD
Shop 210, 
Maestri towers

Corner Sussex & Bathurst Streets

02 9269 0004

Mon-Fri - 8am to 12am
Sat - 9am to 12am
Sun - 9am to 11pm

* Dark chocolate is my drug. I swoon.

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