Saturday, May 28, 2011

Dubai Airport Lounge

What was the Dubai Airport Lounge like? Epic. 

Amazing interiors (or ought I say, architecture?)

Beautiful and high-ceilinged.

Now for the equally beautiful food!

Amazing butter. This may sound pathetic but I am a butter maniac. I think I get it from my daddy, who eats butter as if it were cheese. Or as if it were some miraculous, life-giving health food. He cuts whole chunks of it to put on his bread! Anyway, back to the butter: I was really happy to see this brand of butter than I've never seen before! And I must tell you that it was downright awesome! Really buttery and RICH and perfectly salty. Just the way I like it. It was like Magnolia Gold butter on butter steroids.

Amazing nuts and Japanese cracker things. As I've mentioned, I loved the nuts that I ate during the trip. They were all beyond awesome, probably because they're native to the area and were very fresh. I never broke out from the nuts during my trip, which is saying something, since I'm really allergic to nuts. Really allergic. Like, I break out the very next day after indulging in peanuts/macadamias/walnuts. So I generally never eat nuts. Except the really fresh ones. Okay, I think I've said enough about that.

There were also lots of Suchard hot chocolate packets, and mint tea (which I just lalalalalooooove) and Otis Spunkmeyer muffins..

And Haagen Dazs galore. Eat all you can, mind you! I once used to be such a Haagen Dazs freak! I ate it all the time (and by all the time, I mean, every time I went to the mall. Which was, and still is, very often). I even had the membership card and whatnot.

On to the REAL FOOD. This was one of my brother's many, many plates-- lamb meatballs, fish fillet, and smoked salmon with capers and a lemon wedge.

As for me and my belly, we had this exotic fish that was really spiced up with all the mediterranean spices. In the background of this photo, you can also see my shrimp sarnie. It was curried shrimp on heavily buttered bread. Excellent.

I also tried the fish fillet, which was WONDERFULLY crisp and not at all oily. It was freshly cooked and came with tartar sauce. Also in this photo, we have what they called Forest Beef, which was just beef stew.

Here we have pear, orange, walnut and bleu cheese salad, beside a lone slice of smoked salmon & half a potato wedge.

Of course I couldn't skip dessert (I like to think that people who skip dessert are completely unimaginative. The lack of sugar probably dries up their creativity) and had some really cute chocolate cups with creams inside, and lovely little cakes with hazel nut filling.

 It would be interesting to mention that I actually I ate all of these things at the same time, because I like taking small bites of everything together (which is just a little strange). Here is a close up photo of one of the many things that got mixed together-- a smoked salmon sarnie.

And here we have a pistachio balkava-esque dessert, which was excellent. They (the citizens of Dubai) a're really good with their  nuts and honey!

And to top it all off (more like a sad attempt to feel thin after! I know, it makes no sense) I had a refreshing, zero calorie drink of a lemon slice and some of my favorite Pellegrino. 


PS I have so much to tell you guys about the things that are going on but I'm being called for dinner now! So will tell you all next time. 

PPS Hi Chloe! I miss you to pieces!

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