Friday, May 20, 2011

More Airport/Airplane Food-- to Dubai!

First stop before heading to Dubai? The airport.* Which equals food. I think it is important to mention that we were flying Emirates, unlike in my previous blogs (here and here) which were written about food we had when flying Cathay Pacific.

Here we go! In the airport there was...

Tuna sandwich and baby sized cream cheese bagel for me. Loved the bagel!

A pizzette, bread, and cheese and butter and another tuna sandwich

Bagel, cream cheese, and turkey sandwich

Chicken noodles

My staple, ever-faithful green tea**

We all know that Philippine airport food is definitely NOT something you look forward to, and I certainly didn't (and thus escaped disappointment). I was perfectly fine and happy with my tea and my midget bagel. I must also mention that they also had blueberry preserves,*** which I had with aforementioned bagel and tea.

But I was definitely looking forward to the airplane food, and perhaps even the experience****! This was my first ever time to fly with Emirates, and we all know how luxe the Saudi Arabians are supposed to be, with their sheiks and their gold and their gorgeous wives in heavy black clothes with only their kohl-lined eyes and Birkins peeking out...*****

Beautiful "ceilings"! They had tiny pinpricks of light and it looked like the night sky. Not lying :)

Free toiletries kit

Champagne for my brother and I... and NUTS! THEY HAD THE BEST NUTS EVER. EVER. I am not even very much of a nut person, but I went nuts over their nuts (hehehe most annoying pun ever). So fresh and delicious and rich! Especially the macadamias. I want to die, thinking about those nuts. Amazing.

Since it was a midnight flight, we had midnight snacks. My plate: roast beef sandwich, salmon open-faced sarnie, a small pizza, and two sesame crusted prawns

And my brother had almost the same thing, except he got a cheese sandwich too

Now for breakfast! Fruit, fake yogurt******, BREAD, and a choice from 3 mains. The selections were: A. Crepes with berry compote with ricotta
B. Omelet with cheese, and chicken sausages
C. Milkfish with fried egg and garlic rice. 
Can you guess what I got? :)

I must tell you about their CHOCOLATE CROISSANT. I have eaten a million chocolate croissants in my life******* but this was THE BEST. The chocolate was just perfectly dark and rich and not too oozy, and the croissant was buttery and flaky and I almost died. It was that good.

I had the berry crepes, with ricotta cheese. Pretty good, but nothing to die for... Especially not after that croissant!


*Well. Obviously, Daryl. We all know that.
**I don't drink coffee
***This is said in a pompous manner because it is a matter of grave importance. I love my jam and my preserves and my honey...Bread is my joy!
****I usually (okay, ALWAYS) hate airplane rides. They drive me nuts. I wanted to die on the flight from MNL to Vancouver
*****I would like to share that my favorite Disney princess as a child was the Saudi Arabian (I'm assuming) Jasmine, with her magic carpet and her teal outfit and her diadem with the one, bold stone... So telling of my personal style! Hehe
******Just in case you don't know yet, Elle&Vire yogurt is not yogurt. It's a dairy dessert. Read the fine print! I used to eat it all the time, thinking it was healthy, but then I found out how they were fooling me with the yogurt costume and IT'S NOT YOGURT!
*******I love bread, and I love chocolate. Therefore, chocolate croissants are the best things ever.

PS Sorry for taking so long to post again! :(

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