Saturday, May 28, 2011

Toast The Way Mum Makes It, Fond Memories Too.

Hey Mum,

How have you been? Have you got any new brilliant recipe that you'd want to share with me?What have you been having for breakfast lately? Do you still make this my favorite toast? However simple the toast may seem, I still miss you making it for me, the memories, you know?

All my love,
Mum's Toast
What's your first memory when it comes to food? Mine happens to be fish and chips*, lemon sorbet from New Zealands Natural**, and my mum's toast.

I would often have this toast for breakfast. My mom would make it for me of course. Toasted bread, butter, and sugar- for me, it was everything nice.*** Nearly every morning, I would wake up, run to my parents room and jump right into bed- plonk right in between them. There would be snuggling, squishing, and tickling. And after a bit, my mum would decide that it's time for breakfast and her lovely toast I'd have. Come to think of it now, it seems so simple, uncomplicated, flawless and precious. I love that memory, it's probably one of the fondest ones I have. These days, the semester is nearing an end and everything is ever so disastrous and chaotic- 5 hour sleep nights all throughout the week. And endless hours at uni. I want peace restored, I want things to be like they were in the good ol' days.

Heavenly Toast up close.
It's like cinnamon toast sans the cinnamon.
So, this is what I choose to have on my cheat day.**** Of course, I could never let my multigrain bread get away. I discovered Lawson's Homestead Grain & Seeds and it's absolutely terrific. Toasting, swish of butter, and sprinkling of sugar.***** Voila, you've got it!:)

BTW, it would be perfect with a mug of hot chocolate and marshmallows! And NO, I'm not having the two together right now.

*Seriously predictable.

** Lemon Sorbet that I haven't had in the longest time! I might want some soon!

*** Mind you, this is the only time I like butter on my toast. See how particular I am?]

**** I try to not binge the whole week long, every single craving is reserved solely for Saturday.

***** Brown sugar is always the way to go.

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