Monday, May 23, 2011

Royal Copenhagen Ice Cream and Zumbo, Manly

It's time for a photo dump.

My hair was so flat and messed up from the wind.
So pay more attention to the ice cream!:)
The flavor itself was called Royal Copenhagen.
It had honeycomb and that sort of malted milk taste.
Love it is.

Mocha Almond Fudge
Tropical Passionfruit.

Check plus plus plus plus.

With the addition of slivered almonds,
and hot chocolate fudge.

Well, before all the shibang about modern day ice cream and desserts, there was Royal Copenhagen. It's honest to goodness ice cream. They even have a waffle contraption out back where they hand-roll the cones. That's why they're so golden crunchy and flavorful. Then the ice cream is heck creamy like you wouldn't even imagine.  Not to mention there's a self-serve counter where you could douse your ice cream with caramel, hot fudge, slivered almonds, and sprinkles. This is old school bliss. Classic.

Ola, Zumbo.

Are you sick of my ever recurring Zumbo posts? I have to admit, I love that man and his pastry. But this time, Zumbo was a rather unexpected disappointment. Like I've said last time, it was quite unfortunate when I reached Zumbo in Balmain cause they've ran out of macarons. This time, it was nearly 4pm and I was glad to see the display cabinet still filled with trays of macarons. I was anxious to give the new flavors a try.

Box O' Macarons from Left to Right
Palm Sugar- Like butter with sugar.
Charred Coconut and Black Rice Pudding- Like the Filipino Putobumbong
Licorice, Black Sesame, and Lime- The BEST.
Mint and Chesnut- A bit like toothpaste.
Vanilla- Keeping it simple.
Chocolate- Dark and Rich.

Sharing the Macarons.
Opening up that box of macarons, they appeared uneven in size, some were thicker and chunkier than others. But something was really off about them though, they were GRAINY. Grainy macarons are downright annoying, and on top of that, the lovely sheen of the shell hardly shines through. The ganache in between the shells wasn't spread out evenly too. So you'd probably get the picture already.

Even though the macarons were a bit of a disappointment, the licorice, black sesame, and lime one was just a head banging combo. Yeah, believe it, that's all in one macaron. They contrasted each other impeccably.

Well, this and Enter the dragon share a similar appearance.

Ave Me Avocado
Lemon Cheesecake
Avocado Cream Cheese Mousse
Olive Oil Gel
And from last time's wonderful experience with Enter the Dragon. The cake this time just didn't measure up to Zumbo's imagination and creativity. My friend and I shared Ave a Avo, quite the name isn't it? The cheesecake was superbly infused with lemon. The gel and the avocado mousse didn't shine through that much though. Plop.

Watching the sun set.
And just to state the obvious, there was no better place to enjoy the macarons other than up front right at the beach.

Royal Copenhagen Ice Cream

106 The Corso
Manly, NSW 2095

Adriano Zumbo Patissier

Shop 1a/40 The East Esplanade, Manly 
Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday
7:00am till 7:00pm
Saturday & Sunday
7:00am till 5:50pm


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