Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sydney Fish Market

To me, the fish market is more than comforting. It's impossible to not get fresh good food here. It's the reassurance and the lip smacking food that keeps me coming back, and back, and back. Oh lovely.

The beautiful view outside.
So when a visitor is in town, it's impossible for me to skip out the fish market. It's always on the agenda.* My friend and I went on a Saturday, and when it comes to weekends and the fish market- oh the crowds could kill. Nevertheless, that wasn't going to stop me.**

Another impossibility would be me not ordering fish & chips or a fisherman's basket that comprises of fish, calamari, and you've guessed it- chips! It's the particular dish that zaps me back to my 4 year old self who's up to shenanigans in my parents' fish & chip shop in Manly. I remember whisking the big bucket that almost towered me, it was filled with the beer batter. I had to exert all my effort to even just swish the whisk around in a circle. It was fun though, real fun. So was getting flour all over my face.

The more Asian stuff in the market.

Bugs and Lobsters.
My ultimate favorite place for seafood would be Peter's. It's where I ate the first time or at least my recollection of the first time eating in the fish market. They cook to order (at least for the fried goodies) so everything is pretty fresh and hot once they're handed to you. I guess that's why there's always a queue there as well.

If this isn't love, then I don't know what is.
Eating fish & chips beach front with a tremendous view is fantastic. But might I say, I think these fish, calamari, and chips are best.*** The first bite is always always the deterrent of how your meal will go. The fish is frequently what I eat first. The golden batter is just amazing, and the crispness of it too. The fish is fresh as always and texture-wise it's soft and flaky. I've got a rule, calamari has to be crumbed. Beer-battered calamari doesn't float my boat. Calamari is quite often overcooked, resulting in tough crappy rubbery pieces of what doesn't even seem to resemble calamari. But, the calamari was perfectly cooked. Just that slight give and chewiness.

A dozen Kilpatrick style oysters.
Next up, the freshest oysters in town. I mean where else could you get fresher oysters, right? I personally have grown to love oysters. While I do eat them raw, I actually prefer them baked swimming in cheese or bacon- oink. Awesome.

Finally, there's sashimi. Ever since I've had mackerel sashimi, it seems to be the one I look for. Sadly enough, they didn't have it. So tuna and salmon it was. Here I go again with the BEST cause it really is the best. The tuna is so fresh it almost melts in your mouth like butter. And especially for my friend, I ordered some seaweed. The seaweed is ever so good, there's that bite followed by the tangy bit of flavor.

So what better drinks could you have?
Oh wait, there's beer and wine.
Best non-alcoholic then!:)

I could probably survive day to day just eating stuff like this. It's fresh and real food. Now that's the way to go.

Peter's Fish Market

Shop 4 On the Waterfront
Sydney Fish Market
Blackwattle Bay N.S.W.

(02) 9552 2555

*Well, maybe if you hate seafood, we'll skip. But it's such a shame to not want seafood. And especially at the fish market, everything is pristine and tasty.

** I'm quite the impatient young lady. But seems to me, food is the only thing that I do have patience for.

*** Bottom of the Harbour in Balmoral does great fish, calamari, and chips too! It's just that the place is not just as easily to get to. That's where you could have grand fish and chips with a view. Oh, with quite the price tag as well. 

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