Sunday, August 28, 2011

Aroma Festival!

Guess what?!

I went to the Aroma Festival over at The Rocks late July.

Cause really like coffee.

It's addictive.

I think it calms me down and relaxes me.

Plus I feel like an adult whenever I have it- shmo-phisticated.

So I down to The Rocks with a couple of my friends when the Aroma Festival was on. I wish that they'd have it on like quarterly or something. It's really neat having good quality cheapo coffee. Coffee was just $2 left and right. Epic WIN. There were all sorts of interesting stuff as well- tea and food! We found ourselves in an awesome coffee-filled maze which was just loaded with don't you forget the scrumptious food, food, food! The event was TO. DIE. FOR.

And now, onto the pictures.

Cuppa #1.
Organic and Fairtrade!
I'll all for organics!:)

Cuppa #2.
Aroma Coffee.

Cuppa #3.
Green Bean Coffee.
The cleanest tasting coffee- EVER.
It was a progression sort of thing.
I thought the last cup was BEST.

Big Lou's Doughnuts from Melb.
Yeast doughnuts.
Hot. Sugary. Jammy.
Oh Goodness me!

Fluffy Fluffy Dutch Pancakes!
With fresh strawberries, confectionary sugar, and whipped cream.

Authentic BAKLAVA.

from Sweetness the Patisserie.

$5 cuppa cherries from SNOW GOOSE.
What is the definition of a good deal?

Delitalia Biscotti.
The best chewy chewy biscotti on the block.
Pistacchio my favorite.

Well, I seriously can't wait for the Aroma Festival next year.

I wonder what will be in store then.

To more cups of coffee, jam doughnuts, biscotti, and caramel popcorn.

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