Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Suzhou Dimsum: One of Binondo's BEST Kept Secrets

It's been years since my family has discovered Suzhou, I wonder why I've never properly blogged about it. I had my first real/acceptable/authentic xiao long bao there. I loved it so much, my uncle and I would order a lot of them for lunch. A lot= we wouldn't eat anything else. I find it fantastic that they've opened shop in Greenhills which makes it far more convenient for yours truly!

BTW, for more go to restaurants in Binondo, click here and here!

Specialty Xiao Long Bao- P100 for 4 pieces.
Trust me, 4 are not enough.
Perfect and intricately crafted.
There's a relatively thick wrapper that envelopes the soupy meaty morsel inside. It's tasty and absolutely lovely. More often than not, I wouldn't touch a xiao long bao when I've seen the wrapper broken that's cause all the lovely juice would've dripped out. Now that's a shame.

Shredded Tokwa with Pork- P180
We also had tokwa. It was mildly spicy and there were a ton of bell peppers. It's not particularly notable though.

Eggplant with Mince Pork- P150
I love eggplant. I really do. It's so fleshy and yummy. So we had the typical chinese style eggplant with a few morsels of mince pork and chili. It's perfect with rice, all the oozy sauce too.

Pancakes with Spring Onion- P90
Stir-fried Beef Noodle- P150
Now, the other two MUSTS aside from the xiao long bao- the stir fry beef noodle and scallion pancakes. The noodles have a mild curry sort of satay flavor. It's really simple and done to perfection. The bits of egg with the curry- satay thing are insanely good. Then, who can forget the scallion pancakes? They're relatively thin, but they've got a spectacular crunch to them. But, they're also, in a way, chewy. Really delightful.

Suzhou Dimsum

807 Gandara St,
Binondo, Manila


A. Mabini Street, San Juan, 

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