Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mesa, Tomas Morato

The first time I ate in Mesa was in there Greenbelt branch (many years ago!). They've since opened a branch in Tomas Morato. Mesa is Spanish/Filipino for "table" and the restaurant serves Filipino food.

Filipino-esque interiors with a modern twist

Condiments: vinegar, vinegar with chili

My mom's sago't gulaman – it's a Filipino sugary drink with crushed ice, gelatin cubes, and chewy tapioca balls

Sisig parcels. I don't eat sisig, so I can't give you firsthand feedback on this, but my family liked it!

Tofu sisig, which I loved. I always order tofu sisig whenever it's available, and this one certainly didn't disappoint.

Catfish salad

Topped with mango slivers. Delicious, crispy, and refreshing.

Baked scallops with garlic. The scallops were a bit puny but it was pretty good.

Crab aligue. I didn't try this because the only crabs I eat are the ones my mom cooks! :-) Other crabs are not worth my effort. :-)


We ordered roast pork, which they call "crispchon"! I am big on roast pork so I was pretty excited about this. 

They wrap it up for you (I found the greenish pandan wrappers a little disturbing – I am fully against food coloring) and serve it with different sauces. Good, but not really something I'd crave to eat.

Fried tilapia. I loved this! Crispy and tasty!

In general, Mesa is good if you aren't allergic to MSG. Right after our lunch there, I got really, really, really dizzy and my neck started aching like there was no tomorrow.

This is totally unrelated, but recently an awesome family friend of ours celebrated his birthday at the Midas Hotel, which is this tres fab new little boutique hotel in the Manila area. I wanted to take pictures of all the awesome food (it was a buffet) but I felt too shy! Hehehe, sorry. But I did take photos of the lobby, the interiors of which I utterly loved. :-) 

Hermes boxes stacked up high!

Green-hued lighting to contrast the yummy orange boxes.

Check out the Midas Hotel! There are some great deals available on DealDozen (or was it DealGrocer)? 



  1. I loved their crab with salted egg sauce :) yummy!

  2. sounds good! we better give that a try next time!:)


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