Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Saint's Alp, Katipunan

Lately, my life has been a blur. It's crazy, fast-paced, and very busy. But it's a happy whirlwind and I am always feeling fulfilled! :-) 

Most of my free time during schooldays is spent in the library – I just study and write papers. But last Tuesday I decided I needed a change, and reminded myself that life is for living, not rotting away and perpetually studying!* So I left the library, looked for my friends, and then we decided to try Saint's Alp! It's a newly opened restaurant franchise from Hong Kong. The Katipunan branch is their first branch in the Philippines.

Airy interiors. My friend James deemed it virginal

Super cute and a bit New York-ish

The menu

This is Dawn's black tea with salted cream froth

And this is James' mocha latte with coffee jelly bits at the bottom. I tasted his and immediately ordered one of my own! This is saying a lot, because I am the most un-coffee drinking person there ever was.

and this is my Dory's green tea with salted cream froth. So yummy! I loved all their drinks.

Here we have coffee spareribs (such a pathetically small serving. :-( )

And here is the chicken rice that Vince and I split! This is already a half serving but it's just as big as the coffee spareribs abovPublish Poste! I loved this dish! Super worth the money. It reminded us all of Hong Kong!

Check Saint Alp's out, right across Ateneo.


*That's why I'm just going to cram tomorrow's test tomorrow morning. Wooo.

PS, I haven't been blogging much because I have a new project. My friend and I recently (just last Friday) opened an online shoe boutique! Check us out here. :-)

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  1. Oh thanks for ur post, I don't like small serving food, but it looks good :) I eat a lot sorry.

    Lette's Haven


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