Saturday, August 6, 2011

Shakespeare Hotel's Epic Cheap Steak.

I've been skipping breakfast to catch up on sleep.

It's really bad.

Midday, I crave steak.

Big fat juicy hearty steak.

My friend Adara is adventurous, and craves just as much as I do.

We headed to Shakespeare for the infamous $12.50 T-bone.

The T-bone comes with a side salad, mash or chippies, and your chosen sauce.

We had a good meal and ended up with full, really stuffed bellies.

It's a classic.

Good pub, good grub.

A tad dodgy looking sign outside. 
The beers on tap.

A really old-fashioned bar.
Patterns on the bar and floor.
Love them like mad. 

More of the old bar with Bentwood stools.
Classic again.
Eye-catching artwork on the walls.
Reminds me of my friend, Trizh.

It's the best fizzy non-alcoholic drink I know of.
Lemon and Lime Bitters.
I like Ginger Ale too.
I'll post a recipe for it soon.

Adara's T-bone with mash and mushroom gravy.

Mine with peppercorn gravy and chippies.

It's by far, the best meal I've had for under $15!
Talk about good value.
What more could I ask for?

The Shakespeare Hotel
200 Devonshire Street, 
Surry Hills,


  1. That's great to know that the $15 is well worth it! I sometimes wonder if the food is great at that price or if it is a hook to get you in :)

  2. Agreed! I was a little apprehensive about it at first, really doubtful about the quality, but it was good. Btw, grain-fed beef too!:)


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