Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cafe CreAsion Macarons

I love the cold cold unfinished cement structure.

Well obviously I've been missing in action for more than a week ages already. No, I didn't travel or go on a crazy wonderful food trip, I was just literally swamped with deadlines, projects, and work. Yes, WORK. Just in case you didn't know, I work part-time as a waitress. Yes, a waitress and I'm damn good at it. Gotta love it when customers tip you well.

Lovely colorful macarons

Anyway, I should stop ranting and start writing about these ASIAN macarons. I just call them Asian macarons cause the place is run by Japs. Nestled in the labyrinth known as the city, there lies a Cafe CreAsion that particularly specializes in macarons. Yes, macarons. It's no secret that I'm a sucker for a good macaron. And I'm particularly fascinated when there are fabulously strange flavors such as the ones Zumbo creates! Click herehere, and here for my Zumbo misadventures!

Pistacchio up front
Rum Raisin to the left
Chai to the right
Yuzu at the back

Yes, we're the type of people that halve their macarons to try each and every one.
So. My friend and I tried 4 macarons. Of all 4, the Chai one was best! Or maybe it's just because I'm a sucker for Chai. It was Chai, glorious Chai with hints of cinnamon and licorice. Pistacchio lacked pistacchio, but the white chocolate ganache was good. Yuzu was just foreign and out of this world! Tingly with orange, mandarin, and lime. And finally, the rum raisin is definitely one for the alcoholics. No, I wasn't a fan. 

Frothy cap loaded with chocolate, YES PLEASE.
And what better way would there be to have the macaron fest than to have some frothy coffee along with it? On a side note, I love coffee more, more, and more these days. Their coffee was pretty milky, I like mine strong so obviously I wasn't too keen.

Overall, If you're not picky, I'd say for an afternoon of chit-chatting with a friend or two, it's pretty decent. But for the ultimate macaron freak, it might not suffice. I'm a die-hard Zumbo Enter the Dragon and Licorice, Lime, and Black Sesame Macaron fan.

To more macaron misadventures,

Cafe CreAsion
21 Alberta St,


  1. This place is actually run by Japanese not Koreans...

  2. oh, my bad! thanks for the heads up!:)


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