Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Antonio's, Tagaytay

We're having a long weekend here in Manila. There was no work yesterday, and there's none today! So my mother, sister and myself went to Tagaytay, which is like Baguio, only nearer and more convenient.

Just like Baguio almost always means Le Chef and Cafe by the Ruins, Tagaytay is starting to mean Antonio's. Which is gorgeous and has great service.

They start you off with a crusty sesame roll and unsalted butter. 

Then the Antonio's signature salad. (Here's how the menu works: you pick an entree, and it comes with salad, soup, and dessert!) It has mixed greens (rocket included), a cranberry dressing, and candied walnuts.

My mom's mojito

And here's the soup - tomato barley. I loved it! 

Then for our mains, we each got to pick one side to go along with the steak. I ordered tomato risotto, because I miss my best friend Chloe (who is the only person I know who can make real risotto from scratch). I can't wait for her to come home! Anyway, this risotto was awesome – creamy, heavily parmesan-y, and richly tomato-y! It tasted soooo good but I simply couldn't finish it.

My mom had bacon and spinach spatzl. I liked it, but she didn't!

And my sister had the truffle mashed potatoes. She loves anything with truffle oil in it, and this tasted really sinful and delicious.

For our mains, we split their enormous steak. It arrived on our table sizzling!!!!

It really gave Mamou's steaks a run for their money (and this is considering that I LOVE Mamou). I've decided that I actually like this steak better because there's less fat but it's still terribly juicy and tasty. Heaven!

Delicious, delicious, delicious! We couldn't finish it though.

And for the dessert, we got two dark chocolate souffles with cardamom cream sauce

And apple crumble a la mode. Their desserts are just as divine as their steak.

And who can have dessert sans tea?

Practically licked clean by my sister, the ultimate souffle monster.

The next day, we went back for breakfast. :-)


PS This has nothing to do with anything, but I have discovered that I just love nature! Nothing –not even a new bag, teehee– can make me quite as happy as a trip to the beach or to a place where there's a lot of fresh air and greenery. It really does make me happy!

PPS Don't forget to make reservations before you drop by. Text them at 09178992866 :-)

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