Friday, October 21, 2011

Alfalfa House, Enmore

Back to blogging!

It's been an insane few weeks, obviously the reason why I haven't been around.

Anyway, me and my friends were out and about sourcing things for our project. 

Then we got off on the wrong stop, and stumbled upon this charming food coop.

Absolutely love how the paint is faded and looking really rustic.

Inside the tiny coop shop.
The sign out the back looks really hippie.

They've got locally sourced organic veg.
They were LOCAL, SEASONAL produce which is what we really should be eating.

So this is the bit where they have all the different sorts of grains.
They've got the hard to find stuff like amaranth and puffed quinoa.
I got so excited.

These contraptions are absolutely amazing.
So you pull a lever, and it roasts and crushes the nuts into a butter right then and there.
Very cool. Very very cool.

Organic tea.
My friend bought some and it was so much more fragrant than your average cuppa.
Apparently, it tasted really nice as well.
I'll definitely go back and hoard some tea.

Jars and jars and jars of chocolate.
They had chocolate coated this and that.
Pretty dang interesting.

And probably the biggest collection of all were the spices.
They probably had almost every single spice that I could think of.
Bloody awesome.

I think the Alfalfa Food Coop is quite a special place.

Everything was sustainable, local, and sometimes even organic.

Wish one would pop up and open near my house. Seriously. 

To local and sustainable grub,

Alfalfa House Food Coop
113 Enmore Road,
 Enmore NSW 2042

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