Sunday, October 23, 2011

True Prep's Post Hangover Cure

No, I didn't go on a drinking spree last night and resort to a hangover cure made out of egg and cheese – my sister and I just wanted to give this recipe I found a shot because we both love breakfasts and we both love eggs (should you care, we eat at least two eggs a day, everyday).

The recipe is from this book I've been reading: True Prep by Lisa Birnbach with someone-someone, I can't remember.

It was an impulse buy and definitely one of my better ones. This is the cover (sans jacket):

Insanely cute little girls everywhere

Two of said little girls in Tory Burch/Repetto and smocked-front dresses. Just darling!

Loafers 101

The recipe we used

About monograms

And this is the back cover.

Really loved this book -- it's utterly hilarious and TRUE! I recommend that all preps get a copy of it. You will laugh and laugh! I enjoyed it to pieces and I'm definitely keeping my eyes peeled for the The Official Preppy Handbook.

Anyway, here's what the Post Hangover Cure prescribed by Birnbach and Friend looks like.

It has eggs, milk, bread, bacon, and 4 kinds of cheese. It called for Gruyere and another (forgot what) but we had neither and just used parmesan, camembert, brie, and processed/fake cheddar cheese slices instead. In short, we added all the sorts of cheese we could find in our fridge.

Ta-da! Quite tasty and awesome with Tabasco.


PS If you wanna try making this, you can zoom in on the photo of the recipe (see above) :-)

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