Sunday, October 30, 2011

Moochi: It's a Phenomenon, It's an Obsession.

Absolutely PERFECT on that hot hot HOT day.
Frozen yogurt makes me go weak at the knees. Not kidding. While I was living in the Philippines, I was hooked on Red Mango, it was trip after trip after trip. My friends and I would each order the biggest size just to ourselves. Believe it. Anyway, my friends introduced me to Moochi and oh boy an introduction it was. I'd say they've got the best frozen yogurt that I've had so far. Love it! 

I love how their floor is made of artificial grass.
The frozen yogurt is fresh, light, and smooth. It's fantastic after you've had Korean BBQ in the same vicinity. That's what I often get caught doing. It's a fantastic palate cleanser, and heaps tasty too. 

They've got a fair selection of toppings.
You're bound to find one that you'll like.
My favorite is mochi.
1. Pick your flavor
2. Pick your size
3. Pick your toppings
4. Eat and open the door to happiness

I promise mine isn't the one ginormous one in the middle.
Big, MASSIVE, Big.
Pomegranate, Mango- Green Tea, Green Tea
Watermelon with Pomegranate
Pomegranate & Green Tea with Mochi
As usual, I love my green tea, but the pomegranate is most certainly good and definitely worth a try as well. It's much lighter than the green tea. The best combo is 50-50 with mochi. That's for the win.

To more frozen yog,

Strathfield, Australia 2135


  1. have you tried noggi? at strathfield or macquarie? :)

  2. YUP! I have! But I'm still for Moochi though. :P


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