Thursday, October 27, 2011

Napoli in Bocca, Haberfield

It's no secret at all that Italian food is my absoute favorite. I'm always up for it whenever, but definitely not wherever though. I tend to be really picky when it comes to that. The best go-to places for Italian feasts are Leichhardt and Haberfield, I believe.

So one evening the fam headed down to Haberfield. My first time btw. Left and right there were a lot of Italians chatting and having dinner. That was obviously a good sign! My uncle had been to Napoli in Bocca before and he claims that it's fantastic. And he has high standards! Got me sooooo excited. Just as we stepped in the restaurant, it was heading into what I would picture as a traditional Italian trattoria- huge wood-fire oven and the works. Some of the people there reminded me of the folks on Jersey Shore. hahahaha.

There was quite a range of things to pick from- your typical pizzas and pastas, then there were some mains that were intriguing and inspired. There was a fair bit of dishes up on the specials board as well.

Of course, lemon, lime & bitters- my absolute drink of preference.

Scugnizzo- $18.50
Tomato, mozarella, ham & hot salami.

4 Stagioni- $19.50
Tomato, mozarella, proscuitto crudo,
olives, mushrooms, & eggs.
We started with 2 pizzas. By the way, they're known for their pizza. I've got to say from the looks of it, they were the most rustic pizzas I've ever seen. Yes, I would totally link it to authentic. Everybody enjoyed a slice or two. The crust was impeccable. The stagioni had pretty much all my fave toppings on it!

And here were the mains that we had.

Spaghetti Marinara- $19.90
Celebration of the ocean's bounty really. It was fully overloaded with seafood.

Ravioli Zucca- $18.90

It was a fairly big portion compared to the usual serve of ravioli. The filling was creamy and tasty but the pasta sheet wasn't thin and delicate enough.

Calamari Ripeni- $ 24.90
Stuffed calamari with seafood, cooked in marinara sauce.

It was my first for this sort of thing. It was great. I could actually pick out the little bits of mussels
in the stuffing. Feel good dish for the win!

Risotto Marinara- $19.90
Rice, Napoletana sauce, seafood.

I didn't have a single lick of this. I'm not such a big fan of risotto! It's far too heavy for my taste.
But my uncle did say it was pretty dang good.

Napoli in Bocca
73 Dalhousie St,
Haberfield, NSW

9798 4096

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