Friday, October 7, 2011

At Adara's.

We've been hanging around at Adara's place a LOT.

And lately it's been pretty much every Sunday- doing group work.

We turn up there, just bum and chill for a bit then we TRY very hard to get work started and done.

While working, we're usually thinking about what we're having for lunch.

Seriously, that's how we roll. 
What better way to kick start mornings, yeah?
Workshop Espresso is the bomb. Or at least for now.

Boost for brunch.
Went for the carrot-celery-ginger juice that day.
Usually I'm a sucker for brekkie to go.

5 girls, and this is what we have for dinner.
Pardon us, we were starving.
Roast chicken, 2 kinds of beef sausages, and kangaroo ones too!
We didn't finish everything- just saying.

Everybody likes a good roast chicken with stuffing.

Kanga Bangas
Beef Onion and Tomato
Beef Herbs and Garlic
It was a sausage fest.
Hope you're not taking that the other way.

And sometimes, we head down to David J's to get some 
crazy fantastic roast beef with caramelized onions and gravy.
It's the BEST.

To more group meetings/ insane piggy days to come,

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