Sunday, October 16, 2011

Italianni's, Eastwood

I know that the Italianni's franchise has been in Manila for such a long time but I only got to try it a few weeks ago. My mom had always said that it was overpriced and not delicious, but on a short beach trip with friends, someone tossed up the Sicilian salad (will tell you more about this later) and I just fell absolutely in love with it. So I just had to bring my mom and sister to Italianni's, to let them experience said salad.

To begin: thick, crusty, white bread served with olive oil and balsamic vinegar

And here is THE Sicilian salad. What are your favorite salads in the world? Are you even a salad junkie? I really am. I love my salads. My favorites are Cyma's Roka Salata, Cyma's roast beef and avocado salad that they so unfortunately PHASED OUT (I'm still not over that), the salad I make with poached eggs and bacon and slices of parmesan, the shaved brussels sprouts salad I had with Chloe in Sydney, and THIS. Because MAN, this is one good salad. It's lettuce, croutons, mangos, tomatoes, pine nuts, grapes, and cubes of chicken, all tossed in a cream dressing. I usually don't like cream dressings, but this is definitely an exception. Must-try for salad lovers! If you haven't tried this yet, please do. You are seriously missing out.

We also ordered artichoke dip. It's cream with mozzarella with olive oil, served with thickly buttered garlic bread. Good, but not epic.

And here is their salmon carpaccio... Not worth the price, sorry.

Spicy shrimp and feta pasta. Also good, but I think I can do this at home. Pasta is probably the easiest thing to make (read Jamie Oliver books and you'll know how to cook pasta up with your eyes blindfolded. Okay, that was an exaggeration).

Beef with mashed potatoes, gravy, and creamed vegetables. At around 500 pesos, this was pretty good and quite a steal. 

Overall, I didn't find anything particularly memorable in Italianni's except for the Sicilian salad. It really is an epic salad and I suggest you all go there and eat just that (planning to do this very soon, or maybe I'll just call 2121212 for home delivery :-D ).


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