Sunday, October 2, 2011

SPRING PICNIC at Centennial Park.

(woo yeah, time for oktoberfest! haha.)

Anyway, this was a month or so ago, my friends and I were totally welcoming/feeling SPRING.

Nothing says SPRING like a picnic.

And so we held one at Centennial Park. 

It was a beautiful day.
A tad windy for my taste though.

We hung around there until sunset.

And saw some beautiful swans.
The picnic scene.
The picnic gang minus Sazza who happened to be taking the picture. 
Sazza and I were mucking around the whole day.
Gotta love the photobooth app!

Mister Rory who wants a special mention.
Then there's Sazza who thinks she's Taylor Swiftie.
Totally irrelevant but Super Bass was the song for the day.
My, my, my. 
Some egg sandwiches I made.
Wholemeal Bread+ Egg+ Mayo+ Dijon+ Curry Powder.

Stels holding up her half-eaten egg sandwich.

Sazza brought some funny shaped, grape flavoured JELLY.
Oh, JELLY was the word for the day.

Figuring out how to work the barbie.

Getting ready to barbie!
Saz brought some sausagesss.
Nothing says Aussie Barbie like sausages.

And this is how you do it-
Foil. Lay out the Honey Soy Kebabs 
and Sausages and Sausages and Sausages.

Cheesing up the crackers.
Apricot and something fruit cheese.

Pile it on. 
Like seriously.
Life is short.
Do it.

And the cooking is done.

Stel's salad with orange dressing.

I swear we had a ton more food- pasta, some more salad, lamingtons,
cinnamon doughnuts, and don't forget that whole lot of softdrinks.
Guess I was too preoccupied eating to take pictures. 
We had a rather long stroll in the park.
We stayed there until the sun set.
It was a great day.
And there are definitely more picnics to come.
We're all just waiting for the sem to end.

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