Thursday, November 24, 2011

Baffi & Mo, Redfern

For a change, me and my friends decided to have brunch instead of the rather typical lunch/ dinner.

I love brekkie, and possible brunch even more!

As always, I was on the hunt for the BEST place to dine. Again. That's my job!

perfect for MOVEMBER.

It's got that chill retro vibe.
Really, really LIKE!
Apparently, Baffi & Mo is one of the top of the tops!

That only meant that we had to try it out!

Only means that there's a good cuppa in store for me!

I can never seem to get enough coffee.
Like seriously.

Eggs Benedict- $14
with hollandaise, smoked ham on English Muffin.
Rory can never seem to get enough eggs benedict. He could probably live on that stuff. Plus, he calls hollandaise- "God's sauce". We could go on & on talking about it. For real.

Eggs Baffi- $15
with sauteed mushrooms, feta, tatsoi,
and hollandaise on English Muffin.
Poached eggs are a revelation! I could have them every brekkie and I'm not kidding at all. Their eggs were poached perfectly, it had that whole oozy thing going on! Goodness me! The mushrooms were amazingly fresh, and they were those swiss brown ones. The whole dish was divine. I couldn't seem to finish the whole lot though! Rory had my leftover bread with God's sauce.

Poached Eggs+ Smoked Salmon+ Spinach- $16
This is Adara going on no-carb! I think this might be the first time I've been out with her that she didn't have any carb at all! She loved the poached eggs, better than Room 9 apparently! Plus, she said she's lowering her sugar intake as well. But I only surprised her/ broke that by giving her a jar of my salted butter caramel. More on that later!

Baffi's Bircher Muesli- $ 9.50
with fresh seasonal fruits and compote.
From what I could see, Stels was fully enjoyed her bowl of muesli. She devoured the whole lot!

And this is what I've been giving away for Christmas! 
Yes, each of my friends received their own jar.
I'm definitely planning to make more batches of this+ apple pie jam to give away!
Stay tuned for that!

Baffi & Mo
94 Redfern St,

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