Friday, November 18, 2011

Midas Hotel, Manila

This is probably going to the most photo-heavy post ever.  I've just finished uploading the photos, and there are 21 of them!! :O :O I'm really sorry I haven't posted in ages! I've just been so caught up with things (by "things", I mean school, business, College Fashionista, exercise, yadayada). But Chloe and I are arranging an official posting schedule, so that the blog posts will be more regular.

There's a new boutique hotel in the Manila area called Midas Hotel. It's really cute and it serves BUFFET!!! :) The first time we ate their was at a birthday party, and the second time was after the Manila Book Fair. I was too shy to take pictures during the birthday party (you know how I am so shy! HAHA), so these are pictures from the 2nd time around. The cost comes out at around 2k per person, including tax and all that! But (big BUT here) at 2,000 I think I'd rather go to Inagiku :) Though that's just me :)

Here's the food!

Baked salmon with tomato sauce and cheese

Roast beef (they actually ran out AND didn't produce a new one. Boo!)

Fruits (I just went around taking pictures of everything. And you know how I get during buffets... my mind is just not present anymore).

Raw salmon at the grilling station



Cheese station

Cold meats and other appetizers

Plate 1! Roast beef, borccoli, some salad and salmon, a bit of coleslaw...

Potato soup, quite tasty. I just had a spoonful because as a general rule, tummy space is better spent on beef...

Plate # 2, beef and fries! We got the idea of having the beef seared on a pan and it tastes WAY better! Eating it with their fat fries was very l'entrecote.

Plate # 3! MORE beef (I can really eat a TON of beef, this is getting a little embarrassing), fish fillet, coleslaw, fries

My mom requested for pasta! I'm not really a pasta lover but tried this anyway. Pretty good but nothing special!

Dessert plate. OK, I'm going to sound really dumb (and hypocritical) but their dessert really isn't good... Hahahaha. But of course I finished this plate!

The chocolate from their chocolate fountain tastes like Ritter chocolate!

We doodled on our paper placemats!

More food displayed at the buffet table. After I finished eating, I went around taking more pictures because I couldn't sit anymore, for fear of my stomach exploding. This is the coleslaw and salad

Sashimi, which is like my favorite thing in the world. I think I had several sashimi plates but was too excited to eat to take pictures! Heehee.


Soba noodles

Seafood on ice

The chocolate fountain

And the teeny selection of desserts!!! Very limited compared to what you'd get in Spiral, Sofitel.

Got to go! I need to take a shower, eat lunch, and scurry out of the house! Auf Wiedersehen!!! (I'm taking German 1 now haha.*).


* So far, here are the things I can say, sans  the proper German symbols because I don't know how to use German symbols on computers:
Mein Name is Daryl
Ich bin Daryl
Guten Morgen
Guten Abend
Gute Nacht
Auf Wiederhoren

I also remember how to say those things in French, from my French 1 class!!
Je m'appelle Daryl
Je suis Daryl
Bonne nuit
Au revoir

Sadly those are pretty much the only French phrases I can remember, aside from petit dejeuner (breakfast, hahaha!) and comme ca va. And comme des garcons, and pret-a-manger... Oh gosh this is sad.

As you can see I am feeling very much like a linguist (the keyword here is FEELING. As in, not really, definitely not by any normal person's standards... only in my mind HAHA).  OK, bye, I'm rambling and being embarrassing... 

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  1. Thank you for posting how honestly feel about Midas Buffet. My Rule of thumb, if it ain't close to Spiral Buffet, it ain't worth it. Spiral ang basehan hehe! Btw, Love your blog.


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