Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Korean Restaurant in Pasig

Blogger has a new layout/setup and I find it so confusing! I like it when things are old and familiar and everything is part of a routine, so as you can expect, I'm not entirely thrilled about this new layout.

I've been looking through my computer and realized just how LONG my backlog is! Hence, I will begin posting regularly until it's zapped down to nil (this is probably never going to happen). Anyway, this particular post is about (as you have certainly gathered from the title) Korean food.

Plenty of Koreans have been migrating to the Philippines, and the presence of Korean restaurants has grown proportionally. I love Korean food because I don't feel fat after and I love spicy things! A lot of good Korean restaurants are in the Manila area and in the Pasig area. My family and I had lunch in one of them but I forgot the name (woops!). No matter, because they generally (in my opinion) all taste the same :-)

Starters are for free! Salad with Korean dressing, kim chi cucumber, kim chi cabbage, some sauteed green vegetables, tofu. Usually there's small dried fish too (known in the local jargon as dilis). If your eyes are sharp you can see that there's a dish of macaroni too, which is really un-Korean and unusual.

We always order beef stew, and it's always just 4-5 pieces of beef with the bone. A little sweet, more than a little fatty, and generally tasty!

Korean pancake is another staple dish for us. It's mostly flour with vegetables and little bits of squid.

Cold noodles: not very Korean, a lot more Japanese. But I guess since we Asians are all neighbors (and all look alike!!), the lines between our dishes blur. 

Bibimbap, which is my sister's favorite thing to eat. It's just rice and chopped vegetables, mushrooms, and the occasional piece of meat in a really HOT bowl, topped with a raw egg! It's sorta like the Asian version of a sizzling plate. :-) 



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