Saturday, November 5, 2011

Night Noodle Markets 2011

October is undeniably my favourite month.

Spring is in full bloom, Oktoberfest is on, and who can forget all the happenings of the Crave Food Festival?

Heaps of people frolic to Hyde Park.

The Night Noodle Markets is one of the big bang events.

I wouldn't say so much it's about the food, the smashing environment really gives it away.

Lounging and unwinding on the grass on a cool summer spring evening enjoying scrumptious Asian fare and perhaps sipping on some booze. 

See what I mean?

Lines could get deadly.

From the Himalayan Yummy Kitchen.
BBQ Chicken
Savoury Potatoes
Stamed Rice
Veggie Noodles
Let's be frank, the portion size of the chicken is just ridiculously small. 
But it sure is delicious especially the charred bits. 

Salt and Pepper Squid from Zilver
Yes, you're not seeing things, it is doused in chilli sauce. 
I'm a bit of a chilli freak now.
Some pieces of squid were cooked perfectly, but some just turned out tough and chewy.

Round 1!

Well, there's the view of Sydney tower!

It was SO crowded.
Biggest understatement.

Chicken Satay skewers from Mamak
These things I absolutely love.
The line was long but it was definitely worth the wait!

Some puffy rice doughy desserts we brought home from St. Honore Bakery.

Wrapping it up with ice cream from Serendipity.
Fig and honeycomb
Black Sesame
Insane flavours all just fully coming through.
I'd say one of the best ice cream places around.

Well, it's always nice to bum around and chill. 
I reckon this is one of the best ways to do it- straight out from uni or work. 
Shame that it only happens once a year, and it was just on for 10 days I think.

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