Thursday, November 10, 2011

Breakfast on Bondi

Thumbs up, thumbs up.
Reason to chill.
I've been pretty ridiculously busy. I don't know how it happened. Well, there's my degree which always proves to be a pain, grandparents visiting, 2 days work per week, and lots and lots and lots of night outs and hanging around sort of things. But I've got to admit, nothing gets me pumped like being busy. It's fun trying to juggle everything but only until a certain degree until you realize that you miss the things you love such as this blog, exercise, and sleep.

Don't you find the sky just gorgeous?
Anyway, when I was fresh off the stress/ busy with school train, my friends and I decided to spontaneously hit up the Breakfast on Bondi event. We decided the arvo before which wasn't insanely spontaneous anyway. 

Didgeridoo folk.
&& the lovely orchestra
We woke up around 4:30am-ish so that we'd arrive at Bondi right around 6am in time for the sunrise! Props to Ozzy for picking us all up! We got there right at the right time I reckon, there were quite a few people on the beach already, the didgeridoo just started playing. After a while, the orchestra started playing.

And just when the sun was fully up, we decided to hit the stalls to get some coffee and food. 

And that's what the beach looked like when the sun was up.

Friendly lot at Farmer Jo Muesli

Best Muesli I've ever had.
Bircher for the win.

Bacon & Fried Egg.

Wouldn't be complete without coffee.

Surprise, suprise we got to take a picture with Masterchef's Hayden Quinn.
For the win, man.
Capping off the day with jungle speed.
It was wonderful being able to watch the sunrise, serenaded by the orchestra, chilling with friends, and sharing some good grub. Defs doing this next year again. Epic win.

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