Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The PYRAMIDS in Person, and KFC (Egyptian Version)

I'm guessing that visiting the Pyramids is on everyone's bucket list! I henceforth invite all of you to live vicariously through my photos. Hoho.

One of the three pyramids and the Sphinx

The stones were HUGE! it was really a sight to behold. From afar, the pyramids look just like how you'd expect them to (you know, triangular and fairly large) but up close, you'd be overwhelmed with awe! 

And this is me climbing down

And this is me, slouching a bit after the climb+walk. Behind me are 1 1/2 pyramids, the Sphinx, and a squillion seats. The seats are there because at night, there's a lights and sounds show that involves brutally cold wind, British accents, and very clever light tricks!

And this is the Sphinx up close, with some local policemen and men.

For lunch, we had KFC on the bus!

It pretty much tasted the same with what's served in the Phils! Except it came with stringy fries (unlike the fat, chunky, spicy ones we have here).


PS I promise I will be more talkative in my next post. :) I'm just running late for a lot of things that need to be done! :D

PPS In case you didn't notice, my title rhymes! :)

PPPS For some interesting facts on the pyramids click here :)

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