Friday, April 22, 2011

Airplane/Airport Eats, Part 2

I'm about to go on another trip to really exciting places* so I've been reviewing my photos of airplane food. Then I remembered I've only written Airplane/Airport Eats Part 1 (click HERE for that post) and still haven't produced the sequel. So here it is-- the stuff we ate at the airport and plane, on the way back home to Manila from our HK/Xiamen trip! :)

The ever-present, ever-gorgeous smoked salmon, on a bed of beautiful greens. I swear, I could really live off of salmon, salad, oysters, and BEEF. Those are all the things I need.

Mozarella, olives, tomatoes, and mushrooms make a nice salad.

More salmoooon!

Carrot juice from the smoothie bar

It lights up when your order's ready!

And this is what I ordered: A Reuben sandwich! Their version is GOOD!

Cathay's signature mint drink

Lamb. That is what my siblings and dad had. Unfortunately, I DON'T eat lamb!**

So I (and my mom as well) had to stick to the other menu option-- shrimp, chinese style! It was horrible and the veg was so soggy. It looked really sad beside the juicy-looking chunks of lamb.

The chocolate bomb dessert, which I barely touched, for the sake of becoming sexay


*This time, it's Israel, Jordan, Egypt, and Dubai. I haven't really been thinking about going there the past few weeks because I've been absolutely swamped in so many things. Now, I'm dying of excitement.

**Believe it or not, I have decided that I am going to be brave and start eating lamb. YES. Really.

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