Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Airplane/Airport Eats, Part 1

So I said I wouldn't post any photos from my new camera until I'd posted all my other photos (from previous meals out) but I just can't bear the thought of making blog entries with less than divine pictures.* Thus, here I am, blogging with sharp, high-quality photos! You like? :D 

I swear, this was the best trip ever. It's been exactly a year since I've last been to HK (which is only my FAVORITE city in the world**) and 7 months since I've gone to Chinaland. So it was a lot of fun! I loved spending time with my grandparents. They are the absolute sweetest... And (most of) the food was FABULOUS!

 (I'm rediscovering my love for lists***)

1. In the Cathay Pacific Lounge in Manila: finger sandwiches. Ham and cheese, pimiento and cheese, chicken. The best was the pimiento and cheese. Everything else was ho-hum!

2. There was also congee with meatballs. I'm sorry, but it was a bit sad. I suppose this is what we get for living in a 3rd world country- 3rd world level congee!

3. On the plane: assorted fruits. Here we have papaya, dragonfruit, a few blueberries, and a slice of lime. I skipped this since I absolutely positively HATE papaya and dragonfruit does not appeal to me.

 4. Also on the plane, chocolate cake with gold leaf (hahaha! i found it so cute that they served this on the plane. Am I the only one who finds this funny?) and raspberry compote. Let me tell you, this was dee-viiiine! I really wanted to DEVOUR it all but I remembered the shorts that were waiting for me in my closet at home (unfortunately, I forgot about aforementioned shorts entirely later on...see future blog entries on HK food!) and only ate teeny bites of it!

 5. And the main course was sea bass with grilled veg and tomato sauce. How do I feel about this? The sea bass was NOT what you'd get at Enchante or Le Souffle (silly me for even hoping) but it was pretty good for airplane food. As for the grilled veg... I was very happily surprised! No soggy, sad, old veggies here! Yum! I love veggies! Do you?

 6. At the Cathay Pacific lounge in HK, I had a wonderful, crunchy salad. As I said, I LOVE my veg! Had it with caesar dressing, prawns, and (my favorite) smoked salmon!

7. There's a smoothie bar in the lounge with plenty of offerings. I had the banana-strawberry smoothie! It was good (they don't put in any yucky stuff like syrups) but it wasn't EPIC. I suppose this is because I have EXTREMELY HIGH smoothie standards for the sole reason that Chloe is a smoothie genius.****

8. Vegetarian apricot pastry. I loved this. It was wonderful! I know, apricot sounds soooo boring, but it was just absolutely spot-on perfect with the buttery pastry! Oh yum!

And here is a lovely photo I took while on the plane. Death doesn't seem to be too terrible a thing if it means that we get to live in a house (of our choice+design) here! 

Cheers + and other drugs,

*You may or may not have noticed (but I'm pretty sure that you have) that the quality of my photos have been a lot less than spectacular. They were taken using my old Nokia phone/old Sony Cybershot/iPhone. Now (FINALLY) I squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezed out (I simply have a HARD, HARD, HARD time spending $$$ on non-fashion/non-food items) the money to buy a new camera. I'm using a Canon S95. It's absolutely user friendly. Take my word for it, because I am a tech-idiot.

**I love Hong Kong. More on this in upcoming entries. If you haven't visited Hong Kong, you have NOT lived! It is my absolute, absolute, absolute FAVORITE city in the world. I simply can't stress this enough (to the extent that I am tempted to put more asterisks here and further explain how much and why I love the city!!!! But I shall resist and hold my blabbering about HK for another blog entry)

***Me=Queen of Lists. I kid you not. I love lists. It's a little insane.

****She really is. She is my smoothie guru. She introduced me to banana, strawberry, milk and whey protein smoothies. I was so AMAZED at the freshness, vibrancy, and LIFE in the smoothies she made (and consequently learned to make my own. The student has since outlearned the teacher! Hohoho.) And she also introduced me to Boost! Juice in Australia. I love Boost! smoothies. They are heaven on Earth! I hope Chloe blogs about them when she goes back to Oz!

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