Monday, September 19, 2011

Fauchon, Dubai

I just came from the gym (in case you care, although you probably don't, but I'll share this anyway, I ran/walked 9km and did this horrible butt workout*) and am about to shower and eat. Or maybe eat and shower. Although it would be more hygienic to shower then eat, I really am hungry... Anyway, I've got a ton of papers to write (I really can't wait to graduate) so let's get this blog entry started! :)

Remember my Holy Land trip? After we visited all the holy sites, we visited the holiest of them all... the Dubai mall. KIDDING!!!! I'm only kidding, please don't stone me and condemn me to the fiery pits. But Dubai really was a dream! The weather was insanely hot (I could die there, if you left me outside the mall...It was REALLY scorchingly, murderously hot) but the SHOPS in the mall more than made up for the parching, crazy heat (after that trip, I understood why people hallucinate in the desert).

One of the places you've got to hit in Dubai is this French restaurant/cafe called Fauchon. Actually, you need to hit everything in Dubai because everything is just to luxurious and extravagant (or at least only in the mall**). First, we went to the Fauchon store, where you can get chocolate souvenirs to take home.

Super cute farfalle in Fauchon!

All the pretty boxes

Crazy chocolate selection

I would totally marry the guy who'd give me THIS much chocolate in one go

All the pretty cakes. Bizu now looks a little sad to me!

GOLD cakes

Eclairs with GOLD dust-- I told you, they're into luxury with a capital L

Cakes sprinkled with GOLD dust

All the chocolates in bite-sized pieces


And here is the mom and the sister posing outside the Fauchon store.

Then we go to the Fauchon cafe, conveniently located right beside the store.

Lip decor-- tacky, sorry

More lips 

This is how I remember the food descriptions-- I take photos of the menu.

On to the meal-- first up, DARK CHOCOLATE squares!! Yes, you begin the meal with chocolate.

4 types of bread and a cute mound of butter

Black napkins-- sorry, but I really found this cool. Pathetic, I know, but at least I'm honest of my country bumpkin-ess. I bemoan the absence of black napkins in the Third World.

The bread was nice and chewyyy

My sister and her rainbow nails. We took this photo while waiting for the food

They gave us a magazine. A Fauchon magazine.

And here was my order: steak with fries and bearnaise sauce. TASTY.

and here is what my mom and sister split: pan fried prawn and scallops, braised spinach and herb risotto with citronella (yes, the bug repelling plant) sauce with saffron filaments. Their words, not mine.

Then they gave us some free madelines

And brought over a tempting dessert selection

Eclairs of every flavor


The gold cake-- too cute for my life.

And here we are, outside Fauchon the cafe. I miss Dubai!


*Is there something wrong (grammatically) with that sentence? I have a really strong feeling there is!
**I have probably used "mall" more times in this blog post than in all of Chloe's blog posts combined. Truth be told, that's the only thing of interest in Dubai, apart from the water parks. The malls have Harrods, Herve Leger, La Perla, Diane Von Fursternberg... I died of sheer joy and bought all the sequined things I could find in Miss Selfridge's.


  1. The Fauchon breads look disappointing, undercooked. But the rest seems so tempting!! I'd root for the macarons and tea, which is Fauchon premiere, recognized, international fame.
    Nice mouth-watering pics!
    PS: I went to Dubai in 2006 to sell premium chocolates from Soho, Manhattan to the Ritz Carlton.

  2. It was pretty good! :D REALLY? :( Now I feel so BAD for missing out on the macarons! Have you tried them? Are they better than Laduree's? :)

    Wow! What brand of chocolates were those?:)


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