Friday, September 30, 2011

Damn Skippy, It's THE DIP.

So the place is puny, and this is the sign you should look for up front! 

Amidst all the deadlines drama with school work, me and my friends actually got to sneak out for dinner. Which was fantastic cause a lot of school work definitely becomes overwhelming after a certain point. Biggest understatement of the year. I've probably never been more busy, tired, and stressed! But let's leave the miserable note at that! I get to escape all that when I blog- it's just so pleasant.

The Dip is inside GoodGod.
We decide to hit up The Dip on Liverpool Street. It's actually been getting a lot of coverage lately via blogs. In my opinion, their food is straight to the point sorta comparable to fast food but with a touch more pizzaz. It's American, duh. 
 Oh pardon my photography, the lighting wasn't the greatest.

Grilled kangaroo and macadamia burger with
beetroot, dill mayo and rocker on a grilled bun.
Everybody got the DAMN SKIPPY burgers, DAMN they were really tasty, DAMN we wanted MORE. The macadamias gave a nutty hint that paired impeccably well with the gamey kangaroo meat. If you've never tasted kangaroo, I'd describe it as lamb and beef fused together. And beetroot on the burger was just hit the bullseye. 

Lev's Dawg- $12
Smoked Kosher hot dog with chipotle mayo,
fresh tomato salsa, grilled yellow peppers and
American mustard on a steamed bun. 
And we ordered a single dawg too. The casing of the hot dog had a great bite to it. The condiments went with the dog quite nicely, but the chipotle mayo is definitely notable. Consider the fact that that means a lot since I hate mayo. The hot dog itself was smoky and just so meaty. But I'd have to say that DAMN SKIPPY definitely won our hearts.

There are actually a whole lot of interesting junk-y food on the menu such as pulled pork nachos, grilled corn, salsa fries, and ice cream cookies but we were really pressed for time thus the burgers! By the way, GoodGod has various alcoholic concoctions that sounded pretty tempting. Those we'll save for next time!

The Dip at GoodGod
55 Liverpool St, Chinatown

9283 8792

Opening Hours: 
Wed: 5pm- 11pm
Thurs: 5pm- 11pm
Friday: 5pm- Midnight
Saturday: 5pm- Midnight

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