Friday, September 23, 2011


Here's the brunch I cooked for myself: PASTA! Pasta with shrimps, sardines, and garlic. And since I'm trying to load up on the veg+fruits, I added one WHOLE head of broccoli.

It's really true, what they say about kicking up your veg intake. It really helps you lose the poundage by making you feel WAY fuller with WAY less! Plus it's bursting with life and has so many vitamins and all that lalala. Anyway, I'm REALLY proud of the pasta I made because:

A. It's been ages since I've cooked anything

B. It's been REALLY REALLY LONG since I've last cooked pasta. In fact, I think I've only cooked pasta like four times in my whole life. Because I'm not a pasta person. Plus, I "invented" this myself (i.e., cooked it up sans recipe)

C. Which brings us to the reason why I even cooked pasta (and this is also another factor as to why I'm so pleased with myself for having cooked this up): there aren't really many things to cook in our house right now, as I no longer have a credit card* and cannot buy steak and salmon and salad greens and beef shanks. Therefore, I scrounged around for the things that WERE available. In short, this dish is a testament to my resourcefulness (if I do say so myself. And I just did!)

D. It was really good, no joke!

E. And it only took like 10 minutes. The ability to make quick pasta with barely any experience is the product of reading (and rereading and rereading) Jamie Oliver's** books.

This has nothing to do with anything (much), but this is Dr. Schulze's SuperFood and it tastes REALLY terrible. Your gag reflex gags. And this is the "alternative" I'm going to offer myself on days that I don't want to do my workout. See, I'm about to begin P90X. No, really. REALLY, I am. So everyday is going to be  a date with either Tony Horton or Dr Schulze. The choice is in your hands, Daryl

xxxoooo and a lot of love


*No, my mom did not cut my card because I overspent. It was for entirely different reasons (which do not involve any misbehavior on my behalf).
**There is just something so irresistible about a scruffy Brit lad who can cook. 

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