Saturday, September 17, 2011

Meet Cabramatta and Thanh Binh

Cabra is the place to go for all the Viet goodies on your mind.

Ever heard of Chef Dan Hong? He's the head chef of the famous Ms. G's! And ever so recently I've heard that he opened up El Loco in Surry Hills. Well, I've tried out El Loco but it was really stupid of me to leave my camera at home. What kind of food blogger am I? Anyway, this post isn't about Dan Hong, it's about his mother, rather. Well not his mother, his mother per say, it's about her restaurant. The restaurant is called Thanh Binh and apparently it's sort of as authentic as Vietnamese food could possibly get.

So the restaurant was recommended by some of my friends that frequently hang around that area. There were a gagillion things on the menu- I kid you not. Some of the things didn't seem that Viet to me, but apparently momma Hong knows her food, so let the feast begin.

Rory's crunchy egg noodles with stir fry beef and chinese broccoli.
The man loves his noodles and he pretty much devoured everything on the plate.

Stel's pho with beef flank and meatballs.

Stir-fry bean curd that Stells and I shared.
It had a wonderful bite to it yet it was silky inside.

So this was the stir-fry beef with garlic or something like that.
Oh beefy goodness.
It would be even 100000x better if it was on a sizzling plate or something.

And, lemongrass beef!
This had the slightest tinge of spiciness.

Some lemony-pepper concoction to dip the beef dishes in.
It's such a beautiful contrast.

Adara's deep-fried quail, was it?
It was so succulent and tender.

Your typical Viet spring rolls.
Love them, love them.
They make me feel ko healthy- SORTA.
And we frolicked around just buying more food here and there.

There was sugarcane juice that I didn't get to take a picture of. That stuff is refreshingly addictive.

Some alley with fruit stores, asian groceries, eateries.

Patterned puffy waffle things that were hot and filled with custard.
Everybody was loving this.

For those with demanding mums like mine, take-home desserts.
There's a HUGE assortment of things.
I had a short chat with the lady behind the counter and got her recommendations!
I think they were going 3 for $10.
Crazy CHEAP and TASTY.

I reckon everybody should go to Cabra, there's brilliant cheap food everywhere not to mention a lot of interesting things to pique your interest too!;)

To more food discoveries and misadventures!

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