Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cafe Breton and Chelsea

                There's a song stuck in my head right now, and it goes, "I always thought the left was your strongest side, but when it comes to you, now I can't decide. It's only a matter of time." It's one of those vague songs that are open to interpretation (or maybe that's just me). Anyway, I like my personal understanding of it, and listen to it all the time. Just sharing!

                I know I haven't posted in ages. My life is a little bit crazy now and I always feel like I'm running from one thing to another. I always tell myself that "busy" is a state of mind but sometimes it definitely feels like it isn't-- it feels more like a huge, greedy, giant monster that wants more, more, MORE. If only I could zap things away and escape! All I live for now are the weekends, where I shut down EVERYTHING and stop DOING and just take a breather and RELAX and ENJOY. Weekends and exercise*--it's funny because I've always been very anti-exercise but lately I've discovered what a wonderful escape it can be. There is nothing like a run and an hour of yoga after!

               Anyway, here's what I've been eating lately.

Nutella crepe at Cafe Breton (this costs more or less 100 pesos; super worth-it, if you ask me). They have the best crepes in the Philippines.

Cutie cutie interiors

This is me and my friend Vince when we went to Chelsea

Welcome to Chelsea! :) Airy interiors. I LOVE high ceilings.

They're gunning for a posh deli look

They also sell uncooked food, beers, ladida...

Here's what we split: truffle pasta. Good (it's very rich), but after a few forkfuls you kinda wanna hurl already. Not my thing, but if you love your pasta and if you love it even more when it's creamy, this is definitely for you.

And my favorite thing to order at Chelsea (apart from the sea bass and the salads and the soup and the fish & chips and the burger) is their roast pork belly, served with gravy, asparagus, dried fruit and mashed potatoes. YUM! Sometimes, though, there's TOO MUCH fat and too little meat :(

Non-alcoholic drinks

And we got a free slice of Toblerone cheesecake! I loved it, although it's not something I'd crave for (in other words, it doesn't hold a candle to Dulcelin's mango torte/Baby Yulo's strawberry shortcake).

And here are (totally random, I know) the pancakes my sister made one morning for our breakfast. Thank God for sisters: they are awesome stress relievers and wonderful people to be an escapist with. I can't wait for my brother to get a girlfriend-- I love the prospect of having another sister!


PS I hope you are all doing well and are fine and dandy and happy and pleased with yourselves! (Because I'm secretly pleased with myself, despite being in the eye of a work/school tornado).

*And of course, retail therapy. I've already bought so many advanced Christmas presents for myself. Heehee.

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