Friday, September 16, 2011

Bar Biscotti, North Strathfield

Every Saturday, my friends and I head to bicentennial park and we EXERCISE. We do all sorts of crazy drills and routines. Pushups, burpees, box jumps, pull-ups, and the like. As a reward after each workout, we do go out brunch. This time we headed down to North Strathfield to have a look around and hopefully find somewhere decent to eat.

Meet Bar Biscotti.

I love the contrast of the brick wall against the bright red retro chairs
and also against the polished concrete floor.
We ended up at Bar Biscotti, it was a modern, clean, and airy cafe with a great atmosphere. There were all sorts of simple dishes on the menu. But if you know me well enough, you'd know that nothing seals the deal like steak. I ordered the steak salad just because that perfectly fit my craving for both meat and greens. And what would a lunch at a cafe be without coffee, right? I had a cappucino as always. It had a really frothy top that was just great! Plus, the coffee itself was notable too!

Steak Salad doused with a lot of crushed peppercorns.
If you were wondering, I had the dressing on the side that's why it seems a but plain.

The Blushing Steak.

Hot and frothy frothy cap!

And.. The other people had..

Caesar Salad wrap for Euods!

Spinach and Mushroom wrap for Mei!

A hearty steak with mushroom gravy and chips for Ozzy.

Well, I reckon it's an okay cafe, food wasn't crazy impeccable and the menu is really simple- as in stripped down to the bare essentials. The coffee was spot on though so I was pretty chuffed.

To more brunch dates after shmexercise sessions,

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