Monday, April 25, 2011

How Do YOU Good Friday?

How's the holy moly weekend so far?

Mine has been okay.

Like okay, it's been fine.

What did you do during Good Friday?

Let me tell you how I Good Friday.

1. Take a long walk until you reach your favorite bakery.

Mind you, this picture wasn't taken on Good Friday
when the line was pouring onto the street.
2. The line is long- wait for 10 minutes until it's your turn.

3. Be puzzled why they phased out your favorite thing- The Ginger Brulee Tart.

4. Change your mind at the last minute, lemonade trumps coffee on a hot sunny day.

5. Take another walk, this time, to the park you love.

6. Sit and take pictures before you gobble up all of the wonderful stuff from the bakery.

7. Take a sip of your lovely fresh lemonade.

8. Start having your lunch brunch, whatever. Bonjour, monsieur sausage roll. Lamb, Almond, and Harissa sausage roll in particular.

9. Eat while taking notes and get pastry crumbs all over your notebook.

10. Take a swig of lemonade, eat and read your favorite magazine while lounging on the bench.

11. Enjoy everything that's around you and get completely absorbed in reading.

12. The crucial component- dessert. 

13. And that's my Good Friday for you right there!

In my opinion, Bourke Street Bakery is the best bakery in Sydney so far. I've tried so many pies and tarts of theirs and they never fail to disappoint. They're not overambitious, they just give what they could simply come up with- that's why it works. 

The lamb, almond, and harissa sausage roll is my favorite sausage roll of theirs. It's obviously miles different from your everyday sausage roll-  it's exotic being spiced with Harissa. Sultanas and tomatoes are present as well. Sultanas in a sausage roll- brilliant! It was a bit oilier than I would've liked but bravo- so good!

As for dessert, there was the Dark Chocolate Raspberry Marshmallow Tart. If you'd look at the picture, you'd think the chocolate would be more of a crust on top, rather, it's a silky smooth ganache. It's not dark enough in my opinion, or maybe it's because I like mine too dark! Underneath that, there are 2 layers of marshmallow that have a raspberry puree in between. I didn't get any chewiness from the marshmallow that I was expecting, it was just fluffy and foamy. The raspberry puree almost bleaches into the marshmallow, the acidity ultimately cuts the richness of the other elements.

The Easter Weekend was a bit of a pavlova, now, it's time for me to get back to my routine- GYM! 


Bourke Streeet Bakery

633 Bourke Street
Surry Hills
Sydney 2000

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