Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Gong Cha, Mega Atrium

Those are my grandparents waiting for milk tea!
ChaTime, Serenitea, Bubble Tea, Tea Tap.

YEAH. What a milk tea trend sweeping the Philippines now.

And guess what, I've finally found my favorite!

GONG CHA it is!

LOVE it because..

They've got fully brewed teas right on hand.

You get to pick the sugar level.

If you go for ZERO, it's totally cool!

You get the full essence of the tea and everything.

Depending on your order, it comes with that frothy frothy creamy top. Which you mix into the tea. VOILA! MILK TEA!

Gong Cha

2nd Floor, Mega Atrium,
SM Megamall,

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