Saturday, January 21, 2012


2011 was the year I fell in love with Japanese food.  I mean, I've always been obsessed with Inagiku, but now I love pretty much everything Japanese (note how I said pretty much -- there are still exceptions. I'm looking at you, Japanese fast food chains!). 

Anyway, today I'm going to let you in on the most brilliant (and bang-for-your-buck) Japanese place in Manila. It's called Sakai, and it's located somewhere in Makati. Like, near Jupiter Street, I think. My mom (or was it my dad? I don't know for sure) was the one who discovered it and I love it to deeeaaaaaath. Their prices are really AWESOME (300-600) and during lunch time they have special lunch sets that go for around 300-400. 

They have really good ramen. As you probably know, I really am not into ramen (or noodles of any sort -- contrarily, my sister is obsessed with noodles), but I found this delicious! My sister orders this Every. Single. Time.

The set comes with Japanese fried rice...

and gyoza.

And this is what I order, without fail. WITHOUT FAIL. Sashimi box, miso soup, cucumber and lettuce salad, matcha green tea, and whatever appetizer they have for the day.

It's gorgeous, super-fresh sashimi over sushi rice. Bliss!!!! :) The freshness of the seafood is just insane. And the rice is absolutely tasty, worth every carb.

We also usually order tempura, just because we're greedy and gluttonous. The rest of my family don't really order the same things over and over, but it's pretty safe to explore their menu because every thing (not exaggerating) they serve is just divine and clean and authentic. I love!


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