Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Chocolate Life

I am the biggest chocolate junkie this world has ever seen. I'm sure everyone who knows me will agree – I simply can't resist chocolate. So it's just about time that I actually wrote about my obsession, no? This will probably be the first in a series of many. :)

Chocolates I have been eating lately:

Hot chocolate at Mary Grace. 
Delicious and thick and rich, just the way I like it! Watery hot chocolate is not for me.

Dulcelin chocolate cake, with caramel sauce.
 Again, deeply chocolatey. And very moist too! Plus, the caramel sauce just kills me. I love it with a nice cup of tea! This cake is as brilliant as chocolate cakes come.

Chocolat Stella chocolate bar from Santis Delicatessen.
 I always buy dark chocolate bars whenever I see them. Always. I've probably tried most of the dark chocolate bars in Metro Manila! This one's 72% dark chocolate with chili and it was just delicious! :) I find that chocolate in the proximity of the 70% darkness is just perfect for me. 80% and up is good for pure iron and kills the chocolate craving (I'm anemic -– that's probably why I love my chocolate and beef so much), but 70% is just enough to keep me wanting more.

Delicious and crisp and melty and SPICY!

Whittaker's Dark Orange bar
Very, very cheap! I first tried Whittaker's in Sydney and was surprised to see them selling it in local groceries at such an affordable price! :) The cost makes it something you can top your oatmeal with (as opposed to mixing Godiva or whatever higher-end chocolate into your oatmeal) and it's good bang for your buck! Rich and deeply chocolate-y too!

Muji milk chocolate coated corn puffs
Very sweet, just perfect when you feel like you want to gain 10 pounds (which, in my case, is, um, never). It's really good because it has both crunch and sugar, and once you pop you can't stop. Which is why I avoid this at all costs. Hahaha :)


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