Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Year That Was (AKA my backlog)

A backlog (as I've learned through my 1.5 years as a blogger) is a list of posts you have yet to write about. You know, kind of like that bunch of dresses you impulsively bought on sale and stuffed into the back of your closet. Or those books you stocked up on during the book fair, telling yourself you'd read them when you have the time... Oops.

Anyway, it's been far too long since we've last posted, and now we've come up with a solid schedule, so you can EXPECT at least 2-3 posts per week. Hooray! I found some pictures of food events I've yet to write about, and here they'll give you a rough idea of all the food I've been stuffing down my gut. Thank God I've become less aversive to the gym – otherwise I'd probably be a real porker right now.

Tonnos salata and porkchops at Cyma. Bliss!

Handmade mushroom sauce pumpkin pasta and seared Australian angus at Chloe's house. We cooked this ourselves!!!

Pan fried sea bass on a bed of lemon risotto at Opus

An ice cream cookie sandwich from Sebastian's, Podium

Deconstructed caesar salad at Katre

Sashimi platter (I've really TURNED JAPANESE this year!) from Kuretake

A whole bunch of tasty eats from Diao Eng Chay at my friend Vince's house

Salmon and avocado sushi from Domo

A large serving of gelato from Gelatissimo, Trinoma

Uploading all these photos/looking at the rest of my food photos has made me realize just how much money and time I spend on food! But there's nothing wrong in being happy and enjoying life, no? That's my ultimate motto for the year, to be happy and to enjoy life and to continue being brave. I really think that last year (from the end of 2010 and continuing to the entirety of 2011) was the year I decided to step out of my comfort zone and be brave! Looking back, I realize that since I was eighteen (yes, eighteen! at an age that I was supposed to be free and happy and careless) I spent so much time being afraid. And that fear kept me in a situation that made me really unhappy. I KNEW the situation was bad for me and that the only way out was to just QUIT and leave but I had such a hard time getting myself to do that because I had such low self-worth. I guess that's the thing about being brave. You need to believe in yourself to become brave, and when you do something brave, you gain a little more faith in yourself. It's a happy cycle! :) I'd just like to add that if YOU are in an unhappy place/destructive relationship/crappy job etc etc than it's really time to GET OUT and FIND YOUR JOY! :) 2011 was a wonderfully liberating and heart-expanding year for me! :) I have never been happier and I look forward to all the beautiful things this year has to offer, to all of us! Happy 2012 and CHEERS!!! :)


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