Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tiramisu 101

My sister LOVES to bake. She can make cinnamon rolls, brownies, bread, cakes, cookies, cupcakes, blablabla. And every Christmas season she makes tiramisu out of the panetonnes we always get. 

Panetonne in box.
My sister uses it in lieu of lady fingers because it's way tastier!

Milk chocolate, cream cheese, Kahlua (we are a den of alcoholics here: old alcoholics, young alcoholics and baby alcoholics! You name it, we got it.), and our vintage mixer

The Silver Spoon (a great Italian cookbook), Splenda & Nutrasweet (which I suggested we use because we didn't have any powdered sugar and I thought the texture was the same. Can you tell I'm not a brilliant baker?  We ended up not using them – my sister suggested that we just powderize the sugar ourselves, using our blender), organic eggs.

Separated yolks and the sugar we powdered!

Panetonne naked

And this is where I stopped taking pictures because we had to start tearing the panetonne apart and grating the milk chocolate with our bare hands and I didn't want my camera dirty. Hihi.

We ended up with two trays of gorgeous tiramisu, one of which was wayyyy too Kahlua-y.  In the words of my aunt: Hic!
So sorry about the photo, we had it during our Christmas dinner and we were too excited to try it. 


PS If you'd like the recipe please just comment! :)

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