Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Zealand Natural Ice Cream

The first time I tried New Zealand Natural was during my first trip to Singapore many, many years ago. I wasn't much of a foodie then (I just ate everything I saw – yikes. One of these days, I'll share my old photos with you guys. For fun. Hahaha.) and generally thought that all ice cream was pretty much the same. 

When I heard that New Zealand Natural were coming to the Philippines, I told Chloe and she was really excited because she apparently has a lot of childhood memories attached to the ice cream brand. And I've also been pretty into ice cream* lately, so the timing was just perfect for me. 

My friend Trufferson (they're the ones bringing New Zealand Natural, or NZN for short, to the Philippines) brought a few pints to our bible study for us to try and I loved it. Along with Ben & Jerry's, it is now officially my favorite ice cream (I used to be a Haagen Dazs fanatic – I even have the discount card. But I've become officially sick of it, and now I am never even tempted to have a scoop) and here's why:

1. They can deliver to your house. Yes, really. All your issues can be solved in an ice cream instant. Feeling sad? Call them up. Feeling angry? Call them up. Feeling chubby and unsightly? You know the drill – they don't call it a destructive fattening cycle for nothing. ;)

2. They use natural ingredients (hence the name). I don't know what other ice cream brands put into their ice cream, especially the local ones (I am especially fearful of Big Scoop ice cream!).  I used to love fast food ice cream but I heard (this is just gossip, no need to believe me) that they now use coconut milk and not "real milk"**, and after that, I smelled the coconut milk smell in the fast food ice cream whenever I ate it. I think this was a factor to my getting a little thinner (comparing my freshman year self to senior year self) – by cutting out the fast food ice cream from my diet.

Anyway, I digress! NZN uses real non-hormoney milk!*** Yay. So you can get your calcium fix without your cancer fix. HAHAHA. I am only half joking.

3. They have 1,000,000 flavors to choose from (AKA a LOT). You can check out all their flavors here. So far, I've tried cookies and cream (my absolute absolute favoriiite, it is a MUST-TRY), strawberry cheesecake (not to my liking as it tastes a bit medicine-y to me), and green tea (very fragrant and downright delicious!). Trufferson recommends the white chocolate & raspberry flavor, and I've also heard a lot of buzz about the Hokey Pokey flavor.

Should you wish to try the ice cream, you can visit their branch in the Upper Ground Floor, New Annex, SM City Fairview, fronting Global Pinoy Center. Also near Tony & Jackey and Teleperformance.

They will also be opening a branch in SM Megamall soon! Hoooooray :)


*I used to love yogurt, then gelato, and now it's all about ice cream! But I'm very picky when it comes to said ice cream. Hehe.

**"Real milk" having become such an oxymoron nowadays, with all the milk being FULL of frightening hormones. I always imagine all the scary and poisonous hormones I am ingesting when I drink a glass of local milk from the carton... The only milk I used to feel comfortable with was Hokkaido Milk from Japanese specialty food stores, but they had that disaster with all the radiation. So generally, milk from cartons now makes me feel uncomfortable. But of course, I still drink it. Hahaha.

***This is also the case with Ben & Jerry's, they use organic milk.

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