Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hemingway's, Manly

Hemingway's is one of those precious gems that I wish I would've found earlier. It's located in right on Manly beach, undeniably one of my favourite beaches here in Sydney.* That's why I just had to bring my good friend Heish over when she visited Sydney. We were fumbling around Manly, undecided where to go for brunch. Then I remembered this place right opposite Manly beach, pretty cool and chill.

The place is filled up with heaps of books. Even the menu sat inside a book, rather cool way of doing things. There were so many good things on the menu, it made it so hard for me to pick. Everything just looked sooooo good. Also, the interiors were super simple, a lot of wood accents, just the way I like it. 

Kickstarting my day with a piccolo, Hendrick's gin, and a good 'ol friend. Lol, jokes. There's no gin- it's just water. 

"Good Guy"- $20
confit salmon, soft boiled egg, quinoa,
avocado, rocket, goat's curd
With a dish like that, of course I didn't pass up the chance to try my friend's dish. It looked so good and fresh. The salmon was silky and great, perfectly cooked, the egg was too. What else could've been better to pair it with other than quinoa?

"Mushroom"- $13
mushrooms, truffle oil, ricotta,
rocket, pesto, parmesan, sourdough
When I read about this on the menu, I thought it would just simply be all the elements side by side. So what I saw surprised me very much. And even better, the mushrooms were huge portabellos- heaps flashy. It was definitely worth every dollar I paid for it.

After brunch, there's nothing better to do than go for a scenic walk all the way to Shelly Beach. It was waaaaay too beautiful. It even made the sad cloudy day better.

Cheers to more brunches,


48 North Steyne, Manly

9976 3030

* My love for Manly could be traced back to my childhood days. Endless memories forged there. 

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