Sunday, March 31, 2013

Jordan: The Food Never Ends

The amazing buffet they served us at the Movenpick hotel in Jordan:

Muffins galore

Bread-y things which I did not eat


Strawberry cream puff

Green tea to try to undo the damages of everything I was about to eat

As you can see I love my bread...

And my donuts...

Jams and spreads galore!!! My weaknesses

Croissants - not really my thing, but it was my first time to spot a thyme croissant (and I've never seen another one since).

Fruits (which I couldn't be bothered to eat)

Dairy desserts pretending to be yoghurt (ELLE AND VIRE IS NOT YOGURT!!!!!!! READ THE LABEL!)

Muesli and toppings (yum yum yum)

Smoked salmon, which every self-respecting Chinese Filipino knows you just gotta eat a lot of at buffets! 

Cereal selection. I am a sucker for cereal!


Cold cuts (which I never eat as they are both horrible for you and nasty-tasting)

I'll be posting more about Jordan in my next entries!


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