Thursday, March 7, 2013

Taste and See: HK December 2012 Trip (Part 1)

Last December, I went with my whole family to HK. It was my first (I think!) time to actually spend Christmas abroad. It was fun but it was a little bit sad to not be home for Christmas -- I've gotten so used to dressing up and spending Christmas eve at my late grandmother's!

Anyway, here are some photos I took from the trip:

My favorite fast-food snack: deep fried bell peppers, eggplants, tofu, hotdogs, & wontons from this huge stall on Causeway Bay, right between Times Square and Sogo

We found an ice cream van on Causeway Bay on Christmas Eve!

I was doing shoe research (hahaha!) when I found these GORGEOUS Stubbs & Wootton loafers at Lane Crawford. I seriouslyyyyy covet the red one at the rightmost with the silly weightlifter and the emerald one at the leftmost with the screw! They go for around 25k Php a pop. :(

My dad took us to his childhood snack place, where he would eat with his sister and mother after school! The place was really small but really clean, and there was even a really old, really faded framed license to operate back from the 1920's (if I remember correctly). They serve nothing but tofu and buns, both steamed and neither of which really appeal to me in regular life, but the tofu was pretty good. And my dad was really happy.

DVF x Evian water at CitiSuper! Which to me is really bad marketing for Diane, because lately she really has been tossing her name around everywhere. I really think she's cheapening herself! Haha. Like if you check the online luxury department store sales, it's usually her small merchandise (iPhone cases, iPad cases, pouches, etc.) that get left over, and the whole sale window is just flooded with her stuff. Which, I think, is really a red flag for her to stop emblazoning her name on practically everything.


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