Sunday, March 31, 2013

Jakarta x Bali Photo Diary


Instant millionaire. 

This is how they do street food. Lots & lots of cheese.

Gado gado: a vegetable & tofu dish doused with lots of peanut sauce!

This has got to be one of the BEST views of Jakarta. Picture taken from the top of Monas.

So glad to see lots o' blue.

Upon arrival at Tanah Lot (Snake Temple)

Has got to be my favourite picture from the trip. 
Been too proud for taking it.

With Sazza and the Garuda at GWK.

Paradise at Dreamland Beach. 

Taking the heat away with Teh Botol!


Sunsets and silhouettes at Jimabaran

Goa Gajah, the elephant temple

Holy water at Tampak Siring

Ceking Tegallalang

Monkey Temple, Ubud

BIGGEST trees I've ever seen. 

Wouldn't be Bali without Bintang!

I got carried away from the adventures that I've had- I wasn't even eating proper meals at proper times which is very unlikely of me. But I must say, saved up all that time for travelling to all sorts of different places. I'm glad I got to see a fair bit of Bali, though ideally I would like to have more time to explore further. Seeing all these places kinda got me into photography as a hobby too. Well, that's gonna cost me. I also ended up calling everyone Ketut. Because of THIS ad. 

Well, I guess I'll see you later, Bali!

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