Saturday, March 9, 2013

Suzie Q, Surry Hills

Tucked away in one of the quieter corners of Surry Hills, is Suzie Q. It's a cafe at the same time a shop that sells vinyl records. It's got a super chill vibe, some vintage or what people have coined hipster these days. The staff was ultra friendly, but not to the point that you'd feel awkward though- they're accommodating. It's such a great place to just hangout and have an ultra long conversation with someone you haven't seen in a while.  

See the records on sale? 
I love those vintage touches here and there too!

Eggs and Sausages in a Cadillac with Susan Mitchelson- $15
arepa- melted cheese, chorizo, fried eggs, and salsa
I'd say this was a pretty good dish although a bit oily. The arepa was a bit hard to cut through though. The chorizo was fantastic, great flavour, fatty I'd reckon. The eggs were a little bit overdone.

Je Regrette Everything- $14
bread, pulled pork, spiced cabbage salad,
roasted garlic and dill aioli
Out of the two dishes, this was the better one. There's a side of baked sweet potato and potato fries. It comes with this fantastic tomato-barbecue dipping sauce. The pulled pork was succulent, and it was really pulling apart. I wish they had the brioche bun though, it would make things so much better. 

Macchiato- $3
The coffee was alright, but it's not one of the best that I've had though. Their coffee comes from Duke Roasters in Melbourne. When I had coffee at Duke's, it was definitely something. 

Ginger Brulee Tart- $5
No trip to Surry Hills would be complete without a trip to Bourke Street Bakery. These really are, in my opinion, one of the best things that Surry Hills has to offer. They've got a slightly caramelised sugar top, but a smooth ginger-tinted custard inside. It's heavenly.


Suzie Q
1/18 Hutchison St. 
Surry Hills
Sydney, Australia 

9332 2739

Opening Hours:
Mon- Fri: 7am- 4pm
Sat & Sun: 8am- 4pm

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